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Problem Solving Techniques -6 Simple Steps

There are lots of problem solving techniques that you can use in different situations. I will be discussing "The 6 Simple Steps" giving by Earl Nightingale.


Your Problems Are Solvable  

Are you trying to solve a problem in a business?  Your personal relationships? Even if you are trying to solve an issue at your job, we will solve it with 6 simple steps. Remember that the opposite of a problem is a solution. If there is a problem then  a solution must exist. Your only challenge is to decide the best available one. My goal is to help you arrive at the correct solution.

Step 1 Write Down The Problem

You should write  your problem as clear as possible. Make sure that you know the exact point of issue that you are trying to

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Prosperity Welcomes You-Are You Ready to Prosper?

Thank you for joining Demand Prosperity. Below is a video with an introduction to myself and Demand Prosperity.

Why did I start Demand Prosperity?

What is the main reason I started Demand Prosperity? I worked at a drug store a while back. While I was working there It was another guy that was around 70 years old. When I saw that I said to myself "that would not be me". I never wanted to work my entire life just to retire and have to work even longer to support my retirement. So I started reading books like Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad and listening to people like Bob Procter. Now I am constantly learning about marketing, money management, and investing. I'm also learning how to use fear and other emotions  to help me move closer to my goals instead of keeping them out of reach.


How to influence on the core level

This is a video that I highly recommend to anyone that does any kind of marketing. This is a speech that Frank Kern did at an internet marketing seminar. Frank Kern is one of the most successful people at direct response marketing. He has reportedly made over 20 million dollars in a 24 hour period with on of his launches. He is most known for a product called mass control.Most marketing is done at the surface level. When you usually see an ad it is trying to influence you on some of your conscious wants and needs. For example on the surface level most people want to make a lot of money so that they can buy expensive cars, and mansions in exclusive neighborhoods. Most people don't know who they truly are at the core level.What if you can influence someone on